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Khalil Pharmacy, a rising future with a long history

Khalil pharmacy is one of the oldest pharmacies in Alexandria.

01.In 1929, Dr. Ahmed Khalil established its first branch in Attarin and since then it has the leadership in the pharmaceutical services exemplified inpreparing drug formulations at the highest level of accuracy and providing all medical products to the customers as soon as possible with the best treatment.

02.In the forties of the last century, Prof. Dr. Saeed Ahmed Khalil started the development process and relocated the pharmacy to the heart of the coastal city in the Chamber of Commerce region in Raml Station so as its updated and improved services can reach every citizen in the city.

03.The march of success and leadership continued for over fifty years until the third generation of the Khalil family, in the beginning of this century, Dr. Ahmed Saeed Khalil and Dr. Khalid Saeed Khalil opened a series of new branches of the pharmacy to cover every neighborhood in Alexandria with the continuation of updating and improving the pharmacy services to keep pace with the latest standards of the twenty-first century.

Success will continue, God willing.