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1. SVR Bebe (Hydracuivre)
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SVR Bebe (Hydracuivre) Provides comfort and protection (for baby’s bottom, pityriasis alba, etc.) Cleanses and helps repair damaged skin Apply daily to clean face and body and massage into ...
SVR Bebe (Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel) For daily bathing that’s gentle on the scalp and skin Moisturizes the skin لحمام الطفل اليومي مناسب للرأس و الجسم يعمل على تنظيف البشرة و ترطيبها ...
3. SVR Bebe (Micellar Solution)
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SVR Bebe (Micellar Solution) 500ml OR 1 Liter Eliminates impurities Soothes and softens the skin Leaves skin feeling soft, clean and fresh Prevents irritation caused by dry skin Clean ...
4. SVR Bebe (Cradle Cap Cream)
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SVR Bebe (Cradle Cap Cream) Gently eliminates cradle cap Restores suppleness and comfort to the scalp Apply once daily directly to cradle cap. Massage into skin, leave in 10 minutes, then ...
5. SVR Bebe (Cold Cream)
(Articles & Info/Beauty)
SVR Bebe (Cold Cream) Protects and nourishes baby’s sensitive skin Apply a thin layer daily to clean face and body and massage into skin Do not apply to broken skin لتغذية و حماية بشرة ...